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Riviersonderend 4x4 Hiking Trails

From the Hunting Lodge there is are 3 granite pools where you can swim. These pools are approximately 400 meters up-stream from the lodge. Follow the path on the map.

Jacobs Ladder is a day's walk from the Hunting Lodge to get to the top of the Riviersonderend Mountain Range and back. It is about 5000 feet above sea level. This ridge is lying between Betties Bos and Platbos and you do not need ropes. It is a very tough walk and you have to plan according to the weather forecast.

This is a beautiful walk and from the top of the mountain you can see the Ruens, where the landscape looks like patchwork.

There are four beautiful rain forests in this area lying from west to east in the following order:

Betties Bos
This forest is approximately 30 hectares and is probably the most awesome forest of them all. It lies in a valley. It has all the indigenous trees that you would find in Knysna forest. The vegetation forms a canopy which makes it cool to walk there in summer. There is a fountain and there is permanently water in the stream, which is the founder of the Kromrivier River. This is a comfortable walk for the whole family. It is a walk upstream and downstream which makes it impossible to get lost. It is possible to drive all the way to this forest, which is about 2km away from the Hunting Lodge. There are pools to swim in and monkey ropes to swing from. At certain times of the year, there are also waterfalls.
This forest is approximately 2 hectares.
This forest is 20 hectares. This is a nice walk and you must walk it from the eastern side. You drive right up to the forest from the 4x2 road and at the circle route right at the top of the foot of the Riviersonderend mountain there is a foot path that goes half way, 200 meters into the forest. If you do not stay on this path, you may enter the forest deeper and get lost. If you get lost, just follow the stream and you will find one of the 4x4 trails at the southern side of the forest.
This forest is about 20 hectares.here is a 4x4 path that takes you all the way down to the forest and stream. This is a very nice walk but there is no path. It is not been walked often , because it is quite primitive.