4 x 4  ROUTES 



Experience the beauty
of this farm from the seats
of our tough
4 x 4 Vehicle. 

Rides on the “Buffel” (Buffalo) at R250/pp
Please scroll down to view the video and possible routes.

Joggers Rainforest

Similar in size to Platbos Rainforest, Joggers is known for its 4×4 route, though it also offers a beautiful, primitive walk down to the forest and water stream. 

Platbos Rainforest

Platbos stretches across 20 hectares of land. It offers a challenging hike, which you would have to start from the eastern side. There is a 4×2 road that you need to drive up until the circle route situated at the foot of the Riviersonderend Mountain. From the circle route, you need to follow the pathway that will take you 200m into the forest. If you do not stay on this path, you may enter the forest deeper and there is a possibility you can get lost. If by any chance you do find yourself lost, please follow the stream downwards towards the 4×4 route, situated on the southern side of the forest.

4x4 Routes and hiking trails at Kromrivier farm Riviersonderend